Auto Glass

As a glass technician, you learn every aspect of the automotive repair process, from diagnosing problems to installing parts.

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INTERESTING FACT – Working at automotive manufacturing facilities and learning what OEM OEE auto glass is, an auto glass technician will perform functions like installing windshields or windows in new cars, fixing cracked and broken car windows. Auto Glass Technicians work at glass replacement companies and auto dealerships, to repair or replace cracked, chipped, or damaged vehicle windows and windshields.

Learn about the training they receive, as well as how they approach auto glass repairs and replacements, so that next time you are in Mississauga, you choose the service that guarantees the state of your vehicle. At a professional, knowledgeable car glass shop, not only is your car glass work guaranteed, your technicians work is guaranteed as well. When you call an auto glass repair shop, you should feel confident that your car windows repair process will be a smooth, trouble-free experience, and that the technicians are all highly trained.

Professional car glass technicians are equipped with more advanced tools and state-of-the-art resins, which helps to guarantee a satisfying repair. The cost for repairing a windshield will vary depending on location, the auto glass repair service provider, and the type of damage. Some car insurance companies will cover windshield repairs without deductibles, as they are cheaper than replacing the windshield. Waivers maintain driving safety by allowing motorists to get their damaged glass replaced by a car glass professional quickly and without any out-of-pocket costs. Insurance carriers typically use a third-party company to handle windshield replacement claims.

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Today, innovative processes and materials allow auto glass specialists to repair many types of windshield damage. As cars get more sophisticated, car manufacturers will continue to demand that auto glass technicians service and repair windshields, windows, and other parts. Some car insurance companies will send a technician to the home of the insured to repair broken or cracked glass.

If the windshield is severely damaged and cannot be saved anymore, the technician will take off the old one and install a new one in its place. Replace any molding, clips, windshield wipers, or other parts that were removed before replacing or fixing your glass.

Remove all mud and debris from the windshield and windows prior to initiating repairs or weather sealing treatments. Remove all mud, foreign material, and loose glass from damaged areas, coat the windshield or window edges with primer, and let the primer cure. Check for and eliminate any dampness or contamination from damaged areas, and keep areas dry until repairs are completed.

Remove broken or damaged windshield or window glass from a vehicle using hand tools to remove screws from the frame holding the glass. Obtain windshields or windows from a stock inventory of specific car makes and models, checking them for defects before installation. We encourage you to inspect your windshields and windows to determine if your glass needs to be repaired or replaced.

Some windshield repair technicians may perform calibrations on certain vehicles, but many times, a car must be taken to the dealership for calibration. Once your windshield is installed, check out your work.

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To complete, the Glass installer places the replacement glass in the car, and installs rubber strips along the sides of the windshield or windows to ensure that it is secure and weather resistant.

After placing the correctly-sized piece, a technician secures it into place on the car using a molding, clamps, or a special adhesive.

INTERESTING FACT – It is important to have your windshield installed by a professional – because by having bad work done by a cheap technician can result in highway debris smashing through your windshield.

A professional technician will secure the chip using specialized glazing glue so that it does not disperse or get bigger. After the technician chooses a piece that is just right, they use suction cups to get it onto your car.

To perform this role, a technician typically has certifications in auto glass installation and repair or collision repair. Because insurance companies can pay for those repairs, and because collision repairs require the work be done by certified professionals, you might need to obtain certification to work in this role. These occupations include windshield installer, auto glass repairman, and tinted.

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Look for experienced, certified auto glass technicians offering windshield replacement, windshield repair, window replacement, and glass repair services to residents in the greater Portland metro area. Auto Glass technicians can also make a safe, flat sheet of glass according to specified patterns, or do a precise mold making and cutting to make glass for custom-fitting replacement windows. Auto dealers use the manufacturers glass for replacement, but independent glass technicians usually work with aftermarket windshields, which are usually supplied by a factory vendor.

Installing, repair, or replacing protective glass and its associated materials, such as rear glass heat elements, in vehicles or machinery. Weather-seal glass by applying chemical treatments to its exterior surfaces and installing rubber weather sealing along its edges.

During technicians apprenticeships, technicians are trained in properly misting a chemical coating on car glass in order to protect it from damage caused by rain or snow. A professional technician will repair the cracks on the edges quickly and effectively so that they will not spread, guaranteeing a convenient ride. The ability to repair your car windows that have been cracked quickly and effectively is a specialized skill in automotive repair. 

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