Car Wash Detailing

Professional automotive detailing is the art and skill of cleaning and restoring your car back to its original, pristine condition. Professional auto detailing is always done by hand, and includes both external and internal detailing services for your car. As a detailer at our company, you will be tasked with a variety of tasks, like washing, polishing, and waxing the exterior.

Consumers are looking for an experienced, responsible car detailer that will stick to the goal of providing our customers with a quality auto detailing service. An automotive detailer cleans interiors and exteriors of cars in order to meet the needs of his employer or customer.

A car detailer does this using various cleaning products, tools, and techniques to the inside and outside of vehicles. Car detailers are employed at vehicle dealerships, service shops, and auto washes, reporting to service managers and lot managers. The work of the Auto Detailer (Automobile Detailer) is washing, polishing, and wiping cars and vehicles.

An auto detailers duties typically involve washing vehicles, vaporizing and deodorizing the interior, and adding wax, polish, or protective chemicals to the vehicles. A car detailer can perform many tasks throughout his shift, including vacuuming, washing, polishing, and deodorizing the clients car, among others. Some detailers may move cars around a lot, park, or move them, but typically, a technician does not drive the vehicles he services.

Car detailers deliver outstanding customer service to their customers, and must also be able to stand up and do physical work throughout the length of a shift. These workers also need to have skills in mathematics, mechanics, communications, and customer service, particularly if they are working directly with the public. Employers that hire auto detailers typically prefer candidates with prior automotive experience who are strong at customer service.

The median hourly salary for auto detailers in the U.S. is around $24 an hour, and they can make more working at an independent dealership versus an auto dealership or rental company.

The closest auto detailing shops are using specialized tools, with knowledge and experience that allows them to complete a job within no more than three to four hours.

Car detailing services are far more accurate and time-consuming than getting your car washed at an auto wash. In fact, an auto car wash can destroy your car paint.

A car wash is usually an automated system where a vehicle is driven through for cleaning of its outside. A detailing car wash goes above and beyond the average car wash, leaving a car looking spotlessly clean inside and out. Running your car through the car wash may get dirt off it, but it does not leave your vehicle as immaculate as thorough detailing.

If you go without detailing your car for long periods, you have to spend more money on cleaning it because dirt accumulates. Unlike car washing, detailing does more than just keep a car clean, but also protects the paint and the inside of the vehicle, making them less susceptible to the elements and to wear. Detailers use specific chemicals and techniques to clean and polish the paint surfaces on the outside as well as the interior, for a cleaner finish.

After detailing paint, shops wash the cars windows, both inside and outside, and apply specialized treatments or shines on convertible tops, exterior chrome, plastics with chrome, and vinyl trim. Detailers do more than just wipe down cars, they also wax cars, wipe down the dashboards and door panels, and clean floors and trunks in cars, SUVs, and light trucks using detailing supplies.

Other exterior services that may be performed are refinishing of trim, engine detailing, headlight polishing, engine-pressure washing, bumper repairs, glass chip repairs, and paint touch-ups. Any auto detailing service will be able to fix small scratches and nicks, but for larger damages, a body shop will have to re-paint.

A good car detailer will keep your vehicle shiny, minimize surface scratches, and always should apply shielding paint sealant. A professional will also give you upfront car wash pricing – that way you are not guessing at the end of the job.

Regular professional detailing helps customers to get to enjoy their cars, increase their cars value, and save money over the long run. While anyone can detail their own vehicle, cleaning inside and out to their maximum ability, a professional detail is done by a trained detailer who has the proper techniques and top-quality products.

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